What is the Attitude of Gratitude?

What is Attitude of Gratitude?

Being on the right side of the grass and appreciating it.

Start today with an attitude of gratitude and just to help I have included this song which I know you will love. Share it with your friends who are over 50.

I hope you enjoyed that, but remember we can delay a lot of those things mentioned in the  song by maintaining our level of physical and mental fitness.

I have included  a lot of suggestions on this website.: see   Fitness and Health  

Aging like being born is part of the process of life. Some people will have a tough time entering the world and others may have a tough time leaving. The important thing is to try and see the good things, those things that bring us joy and peace, even if there are some bumpy spots along the way.

We will all have challenges in life, times when it seems everything is against us . Use them to make you stronger. Never be afraid to share your pain with a close friend, somehow a burden shared is a burden halved.

Always try to look for the sunshine. Have you noticed that always after rain there is a rainbow then the sun will shine again.

At the start I asked the Question ” What is an attitude of Gratitude.?

The answer is simply developing a positive attitude to every aspect of our lives. You know some of the happiest people I have met are those who have very little. We spent some time in Vanuatu and I just love how they can have so little but share so much and they always greet with a beaming smile. A group of Nevan people meeting in the street or in the park will spontaneously break in to song and enhance it with harmonizing . We could learn a lot from them. Release the spring of joy from within. Count your blessings.

Let us develop everyday an attitude of gratitude for all the good things in our lives.

Start with I am on the right side of the grass. 

Now make a list of all the other things we can be thankful for.;

Here is mine.

  • I have a wonderful hubby who has been faithful and loving for 49 years
  • 3 grown children and 7 grand children and 1 great grand child.
  • Some great friends
  • Good health
  • A brain still intact ( I think )
  • I live in a beautiful area
  • I am happy with my life.

You will get get tired of reading all of mine, let me read about some of yours..


Please Share Some of the Things you are Thankful for Below.


  1. Hi Judy, I love reading positive articles that encourage us to focus on the good things happening in our lives. Studies show that when we are experiencing positive emotions like happiness and contentment, we are able to see more possibilities in our lives, which in turn allow us to build new skills that add value to our lives.


    1. Thank you Chandra, its the only way to be don’t you think? There is nothing worse than being surrounded by wet blankets.


  2. What a truly inspirational post. I love the song, it’s so true. Yes somedays are tough but as long as there are articles like this it will always give us hope and encourage us to be positive, even in the darkest moments.

    Keep up th good work and continue to spread the joy wherever you go.


    1. Thank you AIObdusalam  Have you read the story of the man who wrote the old hymn, “it is well with my soul?

      Take a look, at http://staugustine.com/living/… . There are many other old hymns which have a similar story.I find them inspirational. Joni Ericson Tada is another very modern day inspiration  It is easy to be cheerful when things are going well but staying positive in the face of tragedy takes real strength and character.  I  hope you will always have the strength to rise up from setbacks and enjoy all the good things in life. 


  3. Hi Judy.. thank you for a truly inspirational post and as for that song, I just loved it. I had to listen to it 2 times 🙂

    If one lives their life with an “attitude of gratitude” then everything else falls into place automatically.

    I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting often.. stay blessed!


    1. Thank you so much for your very positive comments. I think being positive has a great benefits for our general health and well being.
      I agree its a good song. Thank you and be blessed.


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