Wait! Read My Review of Wealthy Affiliate Nov. 2017

Wealthy Affiliate review, the truth revealed

So you have decided it may be a good idea to give affiliate marketing a go in your retirement. You need to be fully aware of what affiliate marketing is and which is the best one to run with. I am going to give you an open and honest review of Wealthy Affiliate from my own personal experience just this year, 2017.

I am not a geek or nerd. I turned to the internet after my physical business burnt down. I had an accommodation and function center which was hit by lightning in 2016 taking with it years of hard work and dedication. I was devastated by the loss and wallowed in my misery for the first 12 months. Then it hit me that I had to pick myself up out of the doldrums and start something new.

I searched on line for some way to earn an income. What I was struck by was the number of scammers on the web who as soon as you show an interest will start annoying you with copious banner ads.

Buy this program today before the time runs out!

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Ripped Off

It goes on and on. You lose your money and you get no support. The program turns out to be a total scam. . There are some which do have a level of legitimacy but there are many more who are hawking absolutely scam products which will get you nowhere. You can end up disillusioned and feeling ripped off.

Folks I want to spare you that experience. I have been burnt by these guys and let me tell you it does not feel good to be ripped off.

I want to give you the absolute truth with a Wealthy Affiliate scam review. Be informed and read a genuine review by someone who has been scammed. Yes I fell for the promises of several so called Affiliate business opportunities but then when I was about to conclude they were all corrupt and give up I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

It came as a breath of fresh air. There were no pressure banner ads pushing me to sign up.

It was entirely up to me. There was no money demanded of me at all to get started. I was amazed and thought well, it won’t hurt to give it a go. So I signed up to the free membership. It did not take me long to realize this program was genuine.

It was honest and held a high level of integrity. Very soon after joining on the free membership I became aware of the extra benefits of becoming a premium member. . For a fee of just $49 per month I could have access to so much more so it was an easy decision, a no brainer in fact.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer that makes it better than the rest?

  • The Lessons. You get a series of excellent lessons in how to build your website and then to monetize it These are easy to follow in bite size chunks that we can all easily fit into our day. They are made up of videos of no more than 30 minutes length and some notes along with 3 or 4 tasks to complete on each lesson..


  • Up to 50 websites hosted within Wealthy Affiliate. This is such a gift, being able to build up to 50 websites at no extra cost other than purchasing our own domain names. They usually cost between $10 and $15 annually.


  • Unlimited live support Wealthy Affiliate has a strong community all at different levels of expertise and learning. If you have a question or any kind of difficulty they are always very quick to help. Helping each other is a big part of the ethos of Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Key word research You have an unlimited number of searches available for helping you find effective traffic generating keywords.


  • Access to website feedback and comments . Within the wealthy affiliate community it is encouraged of all participants to comment on and offer feed back to other members to help them get rankings in Google and also to help improve their website.


  • A tool for Website analysis. This is a very useful tool which looks at all aspects of your website and how it is performing as far as various criteria which help the site to be ranked by Google.


  • The Create Content Tool . This is another very valuable resource within WA which helps you to build a website with quality content, graphics and correct grammar and spelling


  • Another big bonus is the payment system if you promote Wealthy Affiliate and encourage others to engage with and benefit from using this well-designed and well oiled machine.


  • With all the above and the amazing support and lessons I can only give Wealthy Affiliate a big thumbs up.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate in mid July I have built 7 websites . I am pleased with my own achievements because I am or was a total newbie when I started. My point is that if I can do this at 70 anyone can.

I will post a list of my sites here in the order in which I built them over the 3 months since joining.

http://jobesplace.com/ Built to share some of my experience with WA versus with other programs

http://property-visions.com/ An attempt to sell the property where my lodge burnt down.
http://property-visions.com/ We run two farms and this one is promoting the place of drones on farm.
https://herbsfromheaven.com/ Our son had a severe head injury and this site was inspired by the relief he got from using cannabis resin to treat migraine headaches.
http://familieshavefun.com/ I was a teacher and now I am a great grand ma so my interaction with family is important to me.
https://openviewnow.com/ In this site I take a look at climate change as it is very relevant to our farming business.
http://agingandthriving.siteru… This site is dedicated to all like me who do not want to kill time till we leave this earth but do want to pack as much as we can into this life while we still have it.
I have built all of these sites using Wealthy Affiliate. I know they all need some more work and tidying up but they are well on the way. If you happen to take a look at any of them I would love and appreciate some feedback.

Conclusion :Wealthy Affiliate

This is the most legitimate affiliate marketing platform available for me and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to you. You can start with the free trial package, and decide for yourself without it costing you any more than a little of your time. I can guarantee you will be amazed at how much you will learn and how easy it is.




  1. Judy, awesome looking site! If someone is interested in making money online, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn how! I joined WA in 2014 and have not regretted it. WA offers tremendous support and I have met people from all parts of the world (awesome). I don’t know of another platform, that teaches you how to make money online, equal to WA. When becoming a premium member of WA you get 25 free websites with free hosting – that along with the training and support from the owners and members is unbelievable and all for only $49. I’ve just skimmed the top of the surface of the benefits you receive from WA. There is so much more!

    I’m going to close with this. I would sign up with WA for the free option. You get seven days to try it out. Then on the sixth day go premium, because you will get the first month for ONLY $19! This will give you five weeks to see for yourself that WA is the best training online for starting your very own online business.



    1. You are so right Don I had forgotten about the bonus if you start up with premium within 7 days. It certainly is a good deal and the lessons are amazingly easy to follow. You have had 3 years and you are still happy, I have had 3 months and I am very pleased with all that I have learned and achieved in that time.
      Thank you for commenting


  2. Great article and I agree with you in that there are many money making scams out there on the internet and one needs a trusted and legitimate source where one can make money through an affiliate marketing platform. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and they stick to their word where you can sign up for free and create 2 free websites to start your online business. If you have the expertise in affiliate marketing then this is really a give away. With the premium membership, there is so much resources, training, courses and fellow affiliate members including the creators themselves that help you out. It is a community where everyone can help each other out through mentorship and answering questions that one may be looking for. Wealthy Affiliate even states that money will not be generated quickly but give you the methods on how to brand your online business to eventually make money. The important thing is that it is based on trust and being genuine.


    1. Thank you Sam for a comprehensive response to my post. You seemed to have got a really good handle on Wealthy Affiliate. I hope it continues to work well for you. I think it is an awesome program and I have loved every bit of the training.


  3. I can also vouch for Wealthy affiliate being the one of the best places to learn to earn.

    I’ve tried many of the others available and found this had the best community support and training features.

    All the best Judy. the site is looking great.


    1. Thank you Vince. I do like Wealthy Affiliate, the lessons are just the right length, not cumbersome or too technical and so very easy to follow.
      All the best to you too.


  4. Hi Judy, I really enjoyed your review and hope many will join you in this very successful WA program. Wealthy Affiliate saved me from getting involved with email processing, had my credit card in hand to join when I saw an ad for WA and clicked on it. Sounded too good to be true, but, like you, I thought, ” what do I have to lose by giving it a try? Two months later I am just as excited about it as I was the day I joined. I love everything about WA and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to make money online.


    1. Thank you for your comment Riley. It is absolutely good value, the training is so sequential and easy to follow and you can just grow with it.
      It is not surprising there are so many people staying with the program. I am glad to hear you are enjoying it too.
      All the best


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