The Battle Ground

Confronting the Battle: Prayers for Strength

All through our lives we will face various challenges and battles.

There may be sickness causing us to be feeling right out of sorts, maybe requiring a stint in hospital.

There may be financial problems, when there is barely enough money to pay the bills let alone put food on the table.

There may be broken relationships among family members. These can be difficult and challenging to resolve and if not sorted can do irreparable damage to the family network causing anxiety and even depression among members.

A death in the family can cause a huge amount of grief.

The list goes on of all the battles we will face throughout our lives.

As older people we can play an integral role in confronting the battles which come against our families.

Going into Battle

Our weapon is the power of prayer and we have time to engage in the battle and confront our enemies. We may not have the strength on our own to deal with everything that comes our way but we can pray for strength in every circumstance.

We can all cover our families with prayer.  Even if we are confined to bed or a wheelchair praying is something we as older people can do to protect our loved ones.

Jeremiah 33:3 says Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Watch the video below and hear how a praying Mum influenced and protected her family and how it continued into the next generation.  It goes for only 10 minutes and it will inspire you.




My Personal Story

I have had many instances where I have had to call out to God in my hour of desperate need and each time He heard me and was faithful.

One of the most significant times was when my husband became extremely ill.  He was in a coma for 3 weeks and the doctors told me he would not survive and that I should call my family together.

I did call the family but I also called a lot of praying friends. They in turn called others and in no time at all people from all across Australia were praying for my husband.  He had multiple organ failure when his heart, lungs and kidneys all decided not to work.

After 3 weeks he started to come out of the coma and as he did he said “there  are a lot of  people behind the curtain praying for me”

It was in the intensive care ward so I responded by saying ” there is another sick man behind the curtain but you are right,  there are a lot of people praying for you.” Within a few days he was looking alive again rather than like a wax dummy, all shiny and yellow.

A young Nevan boy from Vanuatu was staying with us at the time and he said to his teacher, ” Missy Elaine, you gotta pray like you never pray before!.”

God answered our prayers and he continues in good health today working harder than most 40 year old men could work.

He runs and manages two  farms with a thousand head of each cattle and sheep.

We Can Win the Battle

Yes we can, whatever might come against us through out our lives, is not too insignificant or too big for God to handle  That is an awesome thought that the Mighty God who created this beautiful world and the universe beyond cares for each one of us, He just wants us to call out to him and He will answer.

You may not be a Christian, you may not feel comfortable calling out to God when you have ignored Him all your life but that is not how He feels about you. God loves everyone of us as His children. It does not matter if you go to church or not, it does not matter if you practice a different faith or have no faith at all, it does not matter what sexual orientation you have or what sins you have committed.

The God of the Universe loves you.

So lets be prayer warriors and pray for our families, our neighborhoods and our world. .

  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  Matthew 7: 7







  1. Thank you Judy for calling our attention again to the Power of prayer.

    We all need help whether we acknowledge it or not.
    Most times, we get caught in our busy schedules and falsehood of total dependence on our abilities.

    Cultivating the habit of prayer and building the fellowship spirit over seemingly little things builds our faith for the large ones.

    Thank God for the supernatural recovery and Joy your family experienced. God be praised evermore.

    Thank you once again. I was refreshed.


    1. Thank you for your comments Festus. I have experienced answered prayer so many times that I cannot deny its power. I also believe that for us to be complete we need to look after every aspect of our being. Physical, emotional and spiritual.


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