Spiritual Being: Know the Spirit of God.

Developing our Spiritual being

We all have a spiritual side to our being and on this page we will take a look at growing and developing the inner man.

Start your day with a 15 minute quiet time where you rise and give thanks for the day ahead of you and seek the Spirit of God to guide you.. It will help you get over the aches and pains or stresses in your life and focus on somebody bigger than you. 

We have been given a wonderful world to enjoy, lets be thankful for it. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude toward the God of the universe who has given us all things to enjoy.

We all have a God sized hole within us and we can fill it with a spiritual awareness that will enrich our lives . Being spiritual is not being religious in any way shape or form It is being in touch with a spiritual entity far greater than ourselves who will bring us love, joy and peace through all the experiences of life. It will give us empathy toward others, fill our hearts with compassion when it is required and prompt us to be all that God wants  us to be in this life.

Know the Spirit of God

I happen to be a christian and I find communicating with my Heavenly father through prayer and praise is the most energizing and wonderful part of my day. You see when we accept the forgiveness of our sin, and acknowledge our weakness through the death of Jesus we can see His deity and the fact that God the Father sent Him  to redeem us, we are freed from all guilt and condemnation. Then He sends His Holy Spirit to guide us and help us through every circumstance we might have to face each day. He promises that once we accept Him as Saviour and Lord He will never leave us or forsake us.

None of us will know what might be ahead, what obstacles or challenges we may have to face on a daily basis, but with God on our side we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Having the Spirit of god to guide us and lead us will increase our own faith and help us to achieve our dreams.

We need to know who we are in God and seek His perfect will and purpose for our lives.

Touch Others with the Spirit of God

When you have the Spirit of God within you it will just naturally flow from you to touch and enrich the lives of all those around you. Going to church will not fill you with the Spirit of God, worshiping any other entity will not do it for you. It is only when we come humbly before our God and confess our sins and seek His forgiveness that He will fill us with His Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us through all that we might face each and every day. Then you can reach out to minister to others as Gods Spirit leads.

If we want to see a world of peace and harmony and  of love and compassion we need to allow the Spirit of God to work in and through us to bring healing and hope to  broken and hurting people.

I watched this video the other day and it really touched my soul to see hundreds of people worshiping the God of the Universe in Time Square. Can you just imagine how wonderful it would be if this took place in every city around the world every week.

I hope it moves you too.

Lord, we worship you with all of our heart and all of our soul. ??? Everybody, every nation should come and praise you, Lord! ??? Lord, touch American hearts, in Jesus name ✝ ?Credit: Worship Now / YouTubeClick bit.ly/2sm3wv6 to get more wonderful praise song! God bless~

Posted by Follow Jesus on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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