Retirement: What age should we retire? Work from home for retirees.

Retirement: What age should we retire?   

There is no one size fits all and now in fact there is no such thing as a “retirement age” When to retire is not just about age. There are a lot of other factors coming into play which may determine when and if you retire from full time employment. We will take a look at a few of these.

  • Forced Retirement

  • You were not ready to retire, not even thinking about it when the company you work for decides to re structure the business and all the older workers are offered a redundancy package to allow for younger employees to move up.
  • You go for your annual check up and the doctor gives you a diagnosis of cancer which would require ongoing treatment and it would no longer be feasible for you to be going to work.
  • You owned your own business and due to unforeseen circumstances, it collapsed and had to be shut down. You are too old to start again to rebuild the business so retirement is the only option.

2. Personal Choice

  • You really enjoy your work and you would like to continue as long as you are able. You have been with the same company for x number of years and you feel a sense of loyalty.
  • The business is yours and you are enjoying a period of sustained growth and decide it would not be appropriate to retire just yet
  • One of your children want to take over the business but you feel they are not quite ready to cope with the work so you decide to stay on and mentor them till they are able to take over.
  • Your partner is no longer with you and the company of work colleagues helps you cope with the loneliness and gives you a sense of purpose.

Retirement Means no More Income: But it is not the end of the road.

Once you retire you are dependent on whatever you have put aside for your retirement and whatever is in your superannuation fund. Retirement may last up to 30 years, a long time to be managing financially without a guaranteed income. You need to budget for that and also budget for all those dreams you held till retirement. The Bucket List you still have not completed.

Being in the retired basket also means you have to be able to fill in many hours of the day when you would have been working.

You can join the local bowls club, or Probus or spend many hours pottering in the garden.These are great but they may not leave you feeling fulfilled as a contributing member of society. However you do want to try new things and meet new people so you go along with this for a while at least.

You look again at your bucket list and see all the things you had listed to do but have not yet achieved then you look at your bank account and start whittling down the list till it contains only a few things which you can still afford.


Work from home for retirees

Yes, you are still young enough and fit enough to do something new but you do not want it to be so time-consuming that there is no time for anything else. You scrounge through the local papers for a part-time job but nobody wants to employ a 70-year-old. Demoralized and depressed you look on the internet to try to get some inspiration.

Cookies grab a hold of your searches and in no time you are bombarded by a copious number of work from home ideas. It gets thoroughly confusing, but you have a go at a few of them and discover they are scams who are happy to take your money but give nothing more than a lick and a promise in return.

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My Story, My Testimony

My business burnt down forcing me into early retirement. The first 12 months after the fire had me feeling depressed but then I realized I just had to pick my self up, dust myself down and start over with something new.

I did the search for local part-time jobs and yes nobody wants a 70-year-old. The next avenue was the internet. Checking just now I found there are around 500,000 people looking online for work from home each and every month, that makes it a very attractive market for scammers. Finding  a legit work from home opportunity  can seem impossible.

I have been scammed so many times that I am embarrassed to tell you. For me though it was part of the cost of learning. I have learned well now I want to share with you what I have learned. There are some internet sites which offer a genuine and legitimate way to earn money from home.

One of the things which turns me off right away is the pop up ads. You have responded to the initial ad then they bombard you with several more offering extra tools for a lot extra money. They tell you this offer will expire in say 6 hours. Act now before the price goes up. Be very wary of these over promoted products.

What did I find after being scammed several times.? I found Wealthy Affiliate. I have talked about it inside this website under Financial Goals.

Wealthy Affiliate: perfect for retirees to work from home

My experience within WA has been one of continued learning and growth I have learned so much about building my own business through the lessons and training within it and it has only cost me $49 per month. The other really fantastic aspect of WA is the community of like minded people who are not all intent on just building their own empires but they are happy to help you build your business.

I can honestly say WA is a legitimate, no scam business training and building platform which will give you loads of learning and encouragement to establish your niche in the market place. With WA you can build a business around anything at all which interests you, a hobby such as weaving or painting, an interest such as gardening or travel or some area in which you have had some experience. You build a website around that niche, find products to promote that complement that niche and grow your business presence online.

WA will give you all the tools and training required. You will be able to financially pay for all those unfulfilled things on your bucket list and you will be able to leave an online business for one of your grand children to carry on. I am now a work from home retiree. I earn by promoting other peoples products on my site and by earning affiliate commissions. You can join me in a legit work from home opportunity.

If you would like to try for yourself without losing your life savings, simply click the button below.This is truly a legit work from home opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate

Here is a link to another site which will help you make those big decisions  Easy to Retire



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