Never Too Old to Do Something New

What is it to be old?

When we are very young we think people around 20 years of age are old, but then as we grow our thinking changes so that anyone who is 20 years older than us is considered old.Take a look at the following experiment and then decide, what is old.


So there you go, we have proven it that we are not really old we have just changed in our appearance and demeanour.

We can take on new and exciting challenges;

I am going to issue us all with a weekly challenge..

We will begin with an easy one. This week our challenge is to sign up to WA and learn how to build a website for free.

This website will be like a blog telling our own stories.  We each have a different story to tell. We have all had low times and high times, we have experienced many difficult times and many times of great joy, but we all have a story to tell.

This blog will be a  legacy to our families so that we can tell all of our stories before it it s too late. When I was young I would visit an elderly man who lived alone in an old timber hut in the bush. His name was always Mr Hare. Mr Hare loved having visitors and especially children. He would keep a table full of little gifts so that he always had something to give a child who visited.

I spent many hours listening to him tell fascinating stories of what it was like when he was young and why he lived alone in the bush  and of the many  adventures he had during his lifetime. He was an incredibly intriguing man who was full of stories.  But do you know, I never wrote them down. Mr Hare died and his stories died with him. I always felt that was so sad, when he had so many wonderful experiences which could have been shared if only I or someone else had taken the time to record them.

So friends we have a challenge this week to build a website and just use it to tell our stories.

Every time I go to a funeral for a person I thought I knew, I realize I hardly knew them at all. Its amazing what can be said about you when you are no longer here to verify or deny the facts.

I know we can all do this. I started building a website 3 and half months ago, now I have 7 websites about all different topics that interest me. I think even my own children will be surprised at what they learn about me through my writing.


You can do it!  Yes you can ! You are not too old …..yet!


Lets Begin with Wealthy Affiliate

  • The first thing you need to do is click on the link below and it will take you to a sign up page. Simply fill in your details and sign up.


  • Once you are inside you need to choose an interest. Our starter interest will be our own personal stories.


  • Work through the lessons and watch the videos.  I find it is good to have the tutoring page open and my draft web page open at the same time.That way I can apply the learning as it is given.


  • You need to choose a theme for your site. Make sure you choose one that is adaptable for PC’s laptops, tablets and phones.


  • It is not hard, you can play around with your first website but save your content for you delete a page to start again.


  • Have fun, enjoy your new learning  and down the road a little you can monetize your site so that you can earn an income from it.


  • Lets share our learning on WA or through the comments section here.


  • One last point allocate a block of time each week or day to work on it. Remember we have to fit in other aspects of our lives as well.


  • Feel proud of your progress.

Start Here

Let me Know how you are getting on


  1. Hi Betty,
    Enjoyed your post on never too old to do something new. As a fellow member of WA I love your first challenge – doing a blog post on WA for your own website. i completely agree with you, it’s a way to share your story with others. I’ve found it to be a very beneficial way of sharing my experiences and thoughts and suggestions with others who may find it interesting or useful. Now whether or not someone wants to read it is something else but it’s there if they want to!
    Thanks for sharing yours,
    Mat A.


    1. Hi Mat and thank you for your comment on aging and thriving. WA certainly provides a great platform to build an online presence and it does makeit easy for even us oldies.. I have learned so much since joining and am continuing to learn. 

      I wish you well in your business too.





  2. Hello Judy,

    So many thanks for your article.

    I absolutely relate to what you say, as I began (well I am 57) a new formation at Wealthy Affiliate 6 month ago, which also means that I had to speed up with the English language (my mothertongue is French) and to learn what can be done with a computer apart from writing a word document.

    I would say, the first step is the most difficult one, you know daring to do it. Afterwards, it is really fun. Everyone is welcome and I have been making so many good friends I would never have met otherwise. I feel so happy to share all the projects and ideas, discovering new perspective for me too.

    The wonderful aspect is for me to be able to learn at one own pace. It makes the whole process more enjoyable and doable on the long term.

    It is absolutely revitalizing, and of course, you are a good example .

    I will be delighted to read more from you and will come back regularly.

    Kind regards,



    1. Thank you Anne, I am glad you liked it. this is all totally new to me but Ii am doing it and enjoying it. I am learning new things everyday through WA.


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