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Are you a Procrastinator?

I see so many older people who leave it till its too late to begin to live. They work their butts off over a lifetime, then when they get round to retiring they are too tired or frail to do anymore with their lives than just exist from one day to the next. sitting in Gods waiting room.

I remember clearly a friend of my mothers who said to me after her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. . She told me after he died that it was the best year of their entire lives. They lived that final 12 months to the full in between chemotherapy treatments

Why do we wait until we have a diagnosis of impending death before  we begin to live?  It is crazy but most of us are guilty of it. We all tend to work to put aside a nice little nest egg for our retirement but we leave it too late to enjoy that nest egg and before we know it one partner dies and the other is left with a huge asset to look after but no one to share it with.

I can think of at least 6 couples where one partner has died in  the last 12 months and they had not taken any time to fully live while they were together. Two of those couples had just built their dream home and one partner never got to move in. One of those partners is travelling the world by himself.  The others are all trying to make a life by immersing themselves in the local community to fill in the long empty days.

Stop and take Stock!

Folks we need to stop and plan our future.  Ask ourselves the questions to determine the life ahead that we want. Estimate your retirement income and  plan to supplement it if necessary.

How old am I now?

What is my physical well being score?

Where will I be in 5 years time?

Where will I be in 10 years time?.

What is my current financial situation?

Can I afford to retire now?

If not what can I do to ensure we have enough money to fully live going forward?

The following post was on Facebook and I felt it was so appropriate for this site so I have re-posted it here for you. The heading is Life Learned Feelings.  Let me put it to you that we all might learn those same concepts but we learn it too late.. Don’t let this be you. Take steps now so that you can live fully before the opportunity is gone forever.


Posted by Life Learned Feelings on Friday, July 7, 2017

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  1. Hi Judy, this is a nice post about aging and learning to live with it. I cannot agree less with you, you are absolutely right. It is never too late to live and enjoy life. But as you can see, too many people are so busy trying to earn a living, to support themselves and their family and to prepare for a better future, that they, or rather we forget about this part. We are too busy making money during our current life that we forget what the future might be and that includes aging. Your post should be a good reminder to many.


    1. Thank you for your comment, it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind that yes we all do it, we forget about what is really important until it is too late.  I am not sure how we can change that but perhaps planning and sticking to the plan would be a help. I am sure we all know folks who have run out of time to enjoy their retirement.


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