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This is where we will explore ways to increase our fitness level and improve our general health and well being.

Senior couple jogging
We need to keep active: To remain healthy and improve health, all adults need to do both physical activity and aerobic and strength exercises each week.  If  weight is an issue we need to get on top of that and the following will provide some good fitness tips for older adults.





Here are some ways we can do that.

  •  Take a daily 1 hour walk or join the local walking group.
  • Join a gym and work through a program of exercise and strength building with a coach.
  • Play golf or join the local bowls club
  • Take up dancing, in a group , it is fun and energizing either square dancing or ballroom dancing
  • Swim in the local pool or at the beach, wherever you can, it is also great exercise and  can be very exhilarating. Try water aerobics. 
  • Social or competition tennis is another good physical activity. 
  • Work in the garden and mow the lawns with a push mower. 
  • Ride a bike on the rail trails or in a group.

There are some great apps available to help monitor our fitness. I use Samsung Health. Its a free app on my Samsung phone. Another good app is Couch to 5k which is a running program for beginners.

Here is a link to the couch to 5k plan

For effective physical activity you will need comfortable footwear and clothing:

Each of these shoes will give you comfort for all your walking/ running activities

To see some more you can purchase hit   running shoes

For even more comfort I would recommend these fabulous socks. The shoes will feel much better if you have a pair f socks on and these are just perfect.


The Thirty48 Ultralight Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women have seamless toes, moisture wicking, and cushion padding for absolute comfort.

The Ultra Super Lightweight High Tech Running Socks for Men and Women – They are best for all varieties of exercise and sports and every day wear. Low cut style fits perfectly with any running, cross training, tennis, soccer shoes/cleats/trainers. Convenient pull tab allows for easy wear off/on and ensures that the sock stays in place through the most vigorous exercise, reducing blister causing friction and abrasion.

Here are a few books I would recommend to stimulate and motivate you to renew your physical well being and health..

We need to be well fitted with the right shoes and the right mind set. if we are going to be serious about our fitness and health. 

Don’t feel you have to be running or cycling every day. Any physical exercise is good for your heart, vacuuming, washing , cleaning all those chores around the house and garden also help. What is most damaging is to be sitting for too long, so get off your butt and do something—anything. 




Now lets take a look at diet and nutrition.

Begin  your day with a good breakfast.

Healthy breakfast

Researchers have found that skipping breakfast is linked to hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis which is a build up of fat or plaque in the arteries. This will eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke, so make sure you have that brekky. 

Take your time over breakfast and enjoy it.


Some nutrition tips for older people

During the day try to have 2 or 3 pieces of fresh fruit. It has been shown that eating fresh fruit will reduce the risk of diabetes so instead of going for the biscuit tin grab an apple or orange from the fruit bowl

For the midday meal  try to include whole grain bread, some salad vegetables and cheese. In Winter a hearty homemade vegetable soup is always a good option. There is loads of information and recipes out there to help you but my policy is to keep it simple and low HI. That is low human intervention in anything you eat. Processed foods are not good for us so keep it simple and it will be nutritious.

Dinner in the  evening should  not be too close to bed time so remember to space it out. . As we get older our portions should be a little smaller. Enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, it will enhance the experience. Be relaxed at the dinner table and enjoy each others company. This is time to talk. 

For dessert opt for an extra piece of fruit or some fruit and yogurt..

A link for Healthy Eating

Drink plenty of water throughout your day and avoid too many caffeinated drinks especially if you have to have sugar in them.

In the evening you could spend an hour or two on your business or watch a relaxing movie.  I have heard it said that for quality sleep we should not watch a screen during the last 30 minutes before going to bed so turn it off and read quietly for those 30 minutes. 

Here are a couple of books to help you with good health planning.


Now you are well equipped but there is just one more thing I would like to add. If you have a smart phone, do download and use the health app. It will measure the amount of walking you do but not only that you can measure your heart rate and your oxygen saturation. .It is wise to be aware of these and seek medical advice if your heart rate is too high or your oxygen too low.. The App will show you what is acceptable in each case. I have a galaxy phone and it is already downloaded. It is called Samsung Health. Apple have a similar app you can download.



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