Financial Goals

Making an Extra Income in Retirement

Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference. - Barack Obama

Just because we have turned a corner and taken a different path does not mean we stop working. It is good for us to work.

Money is not everything but it certainly helps us to do the things we want and enjoy our desired lifestyle without stress.   Having a bucket list of things we want to do is going to require some funds, 

perhaps more than we have in our retirement savings.  So on this page  we are going to look at ways of earning some extra cash  without having to leave the house.

We can earn quite a bit of money just for promoting other peoples products online. .This means building a website, choosing a theme and a niche  then signing up as an affiliate to the company who sell that product.

They will pay as a commission if someone buys from our site.

You never have to handle the product, you just have to build the website and promote it so that it gets exposure in the market place.

It may sound difficult but believe me it is not if you work within a group like Wealthy Affiliate.where there is an immense amount of support from the community and the founders Carson and Kyle.

   Kyle and Carson 

These two young men have put this entire course together and we really have to give them credit for a job well done. They have left no stone unturned

We need to examine what you get within Wealthy Affiliate that will help you achieve financial freedom to be able to do all those things in our bucket list.

Building an online business within WA is affordable and doable for anyone.  You can start out for free, see how you like it and decide if it is for yo, then if you are enjoying it you can sign up as a premium member and get all the extra benefits of being a paid member. The paid membership is only $49 per month  

WA is a genuine and legitimate way to learn and earn on line.  The lessons are clear and so easy to follow that even a total newbie could get on board and gain a whole lot of new skills without spending a fortune . You will learn everything you need to know to build your own business, then as an extra bonus you can promote WA and earn an income from doing that as well. Its almost all too good to be true but it is and it works. 

What exactly do you get with Wealthy Affiliate?

On top of all the learning you can earn by promoting WA  Click the following link and you will see how you can earn money by promoting the program itself.

Wealthy Affiliate

Once you have built your website within WA you can earn money from it in several different ways.

  • Promote Amazon Products   : when you write about your interest you could find some products to promote on your website that fit in with your niche.  For instance if you are a keen golfer and you build a site about golf  you could strategically place some ads for golf clubs, or other requisites on your site. If people buy them you will earn a commission.
  • Allow Google to place ads that fit with your content on your site and you will be paid in cents per click whenever someone clicks on one of those ads.  If your interest is in real estate, Google will place ads pertaining to real estate on your site and you will be paid per click.
  • You can use your new website to promote high paying affiliate programs.  You need to be careful with these because there are a lot of scammers out there . Check to see if they are reputable and ethical.  That’s where promoting WA can work for you because they are not pushy, they don’t keep trying to sell you a bigger and better program. They are upfront and honest. 
  • Build your own e commerce store to promote and sell products from a dropshipping company.  This is a  good way to go if you have gained enough skills through dong the training in Wealthy Affiliate.. The beauty of it is that you choose a niche, contact a drop shipper and you promote the products but you never have to handle them. That is all done for you by the drop shipper. 
  • There are many other ways you can earn an income online which you will learn more about as you work within WA.



Never spend your money before you have earned it. - Thomas Jefferson

WA is a great way to learn internet marketing

WA has a fantastic amount of resources to help you

WA has a really supportive and helpful community who will assist you whenever you ask.

If you are  ready to give Wealthy Affiliate a go and learn while you earn I can absolutely recommend WA.

Join me in Wealthy Affiliate today.

I invite you to join with me  simply by clicking on the link below.

Retirement Income

An Important Message for all Retirees

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