What to do in Retirement   Have you thought about what to do with all the extra hours you have now that there is no more 9-5 work every day. ? It s a whole new adventure in life when we make the move from full time employment to having total control over what we […]

Learn to Live Now

Are you a Procrastinator? I see so many older people who leave it till its too late to begin to live. They work their butts off over a lifetime, then when they get round to retiring they are too tired or frail to do anymore with their lives than just exist from one day to […]

Wait! Read My Review of Wealthy Affiliate Nov. 2017

Wealthy Affiliate review, the truth revealed So you have decided it may be a good idea to give affiliate marketing a go in your retirement. You need to be fully aware of what affiliate marketing is and which is the best one to run with. I am going to give you an open and honest […]