Bucket List

My Bucket List

On this page we will build a list of all the things we can think of that we might like to do in our retirement.
Travel :

List all the places you would like to see that you have not seen already.

Share your ideas with others, There may be some who can give you advice and or warnings about particular places. If you add them in the comments I will see we add them to this page. 

My Bucket list for travel is

The Andes in Peru               

The pyramids  of  Egypt  

The Amazon

South Africa


The Fjords of Finland.   

The Taj Mahal





We can keep adding to this list and as we tick one off don’t forget to add another.

We have been to the United Kingdom 3 or 4 times and France, there was so much history in these , . We have also visited Scandinavia and Turkey both of which I thought were amazing.  We have also visited Canada and Alaska, an absolutely wonderful trip. The Alaskan cruise ship was incredible and we loved the Rocky Mountaineer and the Calgary Stampede.

The other place we have visited is Dubai, where we slept out in a tent in the desert , ate amazing local food and were entertained by belly dancers. who seemed to be playing up to the older men.

Then we have been to some of the Island countries nearer to Australia. the Philippines, Vanuatu and New Zealand. I loved them all. New Zealand has to be one of my favorite places to visit because it is so compact and so diverse.  You can see mountains to the sea to the city all in a day.  You can enjoy a variety of great outdoor activities such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, huka jetting ,skiing and fishing. New Zealand is like a giant playground for adults. But now I want to visit more of the less westernized places, the places where there is more adventure than sightseeing

There are just so many wonderful places in this world of ours that I still want to see.

Fun Things to Do

My Bucket List of Fun Things to do.

Fly in a hot air balloon

Jump from a plane in a parachute

Hang gliding

Ride in a dune buggy in the desert.

Take my Grand children to Disneyland.

Swim with dolphins

A few years ago my hubby wanted to go bungee jumping in New Zealand., I managed to talk him out of it. However we did go white water rafting and Huka jetting which were both a bit hair raising but ever so much fun. Yes we have to have fun as we are getting older.  Laughter is still the best medicine. 

But while on the topic of bungee jumping I just had to share with you a video by Jeanne Robertson which was. called “Don’t Bungee Jump Naked”

Jeanne has something we all need to cultivate and that is a sense of humor. You will love this video, its one we will all relate to.  Enjoy.

Did you like that?

There are heaps more like it on Youtube if you would like a few laughs.  I hope you had a good belly laugh

My Bucket List of  Personal  and Financial Goals

To  build a viable online business.;

I am currently working on this by building a series of web pages on Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers excellent training and you can hold up to 50 websites with them all for only $49 per month.  If each website will earn me $50 per day and I have 5 sites that is $250 per day in income.  Enough to give my hubby and I an good holiday every year. 

To grow that business over time so that I can leave a part to each of my children 

That means that whenever I have some spare time I will work to improve my websites, and respond to people who like and visit the sites. I will be reviewing the content to correct mistakes or add new information. I would also like to help others build their business online. 

To earn enough money to fund some exciting holidays.

Holidays do cost money and I have built quite a list of places I want to visit while I am still fit and able.. There is no point waiting too long to visit places like Peru where a great deal of walking is required if my physical well being is not up to it. 

To build a new home with a modern design.

Being married to a farmer for 48 years  I have always lived in the farm house that was on the farm when we bought it. Most of the money earned on the farm went back into the farm. It is my dream to have a new and modern home which is easy to warm and easy to clean

To publish some of my stories.

I have always enjoyed writing stories. I had a computer full of them but it was burnt in a fire, however I continue to write and the stories are beginning to accumulate again. I would like to leave some published stories as a legacy for my children and grand children.

To maintain my level of fitness

Without good physical fitness we cannot fully enjoy all that life has to offer. Staying fit gives us mobility to get to more challenging places and see more of this beautiful  world.

It is also important to stay intellectually fit, so reading and researching are a significant part of each day. I love to play scrabble online and I play chess with my grandsons, these are good for keeping my mind sharp. 

I hope you enjoyed Jeanne Robertson, watch it again and have a good old belly laugh.




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  1. Absolutely love it! Despite me being just 22y/o, I do have a bucket list. After seeing the movie ‘The Bucket List’ with Morgand Freeman and Jack Nicholson I felt I should do the same, life’s too short to simply study (very important anyway), work, eat and drink, one should expect and look for new experiences, new places and new people, so the soul starts filling up with real spiritual happiness, and furthermore real spiritual success.


    1. Thank you Francisco, I totally agree. Life is to be lived not regretted. The spiritual aspect was to be my next page, so good you hit on that Check back in a few days. Cheers



  2. Judy, Judy, Judy….

    Thanks so much for sharing your bucket list and especially for sharing the wonderful Jeanne Robertson bungee jumping video. I laughed so hard! (Us oldsters just wanna have fun, I say!)

    I think it’s a valuable thing to cultivate at any age…that curiosity about the world and finding fun wherever you happen to be are extraordinarily useful skills. They do feed your soul, those moments and memories.


    1. Thank you Netta. Jeanne is fun, I love her video clips . Its great to have a bucket list but you really have to work towards completing it before it is too late and the old body wont let you do all those wonderful things anymore. I see so many people who have great intentions but never fulfill them. But even just having the list is a good motivator.


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