Are You Ready?

We are Born, We Live, Then We Die!

This is the reality of life. and yet most of us reach that end point of our lives totally unprepared. This post is a brief journey through life to that end point where we need to prepare to meet our Maker.

My hubby had his third heart attack this week which he survived but it was a big wake up call and prompted me to write this.

Raising Our Families

We go to great lengths to prepare for a new born baby by decorating a designated room and purchasing all the equipment we will need to manage the baby.. We will labor over choosing a name and deciding where the baby will be born. We might modify our diet during the pregnancy.

We work through out our lives in our chosen career which we may have spent many years studying for to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications.

We plan our family and life around our work and financial status. We plan an annual family holiday and regular family activities.

As our children grow and become adults we help them plan and prepare for their futures. This might be assisting them in making major life choices such as the career path they are best suited to.


Grand Children

We will help them prepare for their wedding, and spend thousands of dollars to ensure it is a perfect day

for them.

Life moves on, the grand children arrive and we repeat much of what we did with our children we will do with our grand children.

It is important to be available to support our children as they raise their own families. We can enjoy valuable time with the grand children over this period.


Retirement – the End of Our Working Life or Is It?

All the while we are rapidly approaching the end of our own working lives and facing retirement,..

We take little time to prepare for our retirement and the big day comes when work ends as we have known it when we suddenly find ourselves totally at a loss.

What are we going to do today?  Where can we go? How will we fill this day, or this week then this month and year.

We know the days we have left are far fewer than those past but we can still have around 20 years of useful life left beyond retirement.

It is a big transition from working 5 or 6 days a week to not working at all. It can be a time of frustration, boredom, even depression if we are not well prepared.

If we started to prepare for retirement while we were still working it would be a smoother transition but too many of us fail to do that and it comes as a big shock to our psyche.  The adjustment post working can be very stressful but we will eventually work through it and find ourselves busy with our gardens, the Probus Club,the  Bowls Club, Charity events and overseas travel. and  so much more that we begin to wonder where all the time goes and whether it was not better  or easier while we were still working.

We find ourselves so busy that the time seems to pass at an ever increasing rate and before we know it we are contemplating the possibility of nursing homes or even death. But again we are ill prepared. It catches us unawares and we can leave an absolute mess for our families to sort out.

End of Life Approaches: Are we Ready?

George Burns once said” when death Knocks on my door I am not going to answer”

The problem is Death is not so polite to knock. Death comes unannounced often while we are least expecting it. We have no choice as to when our final moment will be on this earth. However we can ensure the transition from this life to the next is made easy for our families by ensuring we have prepared adequately for that day or hour.which God has determined for us. .

Things we can do to be prepared for our inevitable final breath.


  • Talk to a solicitor and ensure our wills are up to date.
  • Choose executors for our wills, people younger than ourselves who we can trust.
  • Prepare a living will to outline your wishes regarding end of life care and whether or not you wish to donate organs.
  • Have sufficient funds available for our funeral expenses.
  • Keep a record of all our accounts and where they can be accessed, listing account numbers and passwords.
  • Appoint a power of attorney in case we through illness are not able to manage.
  • Declutter  our homes and personal space, we need to do this while we are still physically able.
  • Give away the things we no longer need or use.
  • Label all keys so that those taking over can access the places they need to.
  • Keep bill payments up to date.
  • Spend as much time as we can with those we love.
  • Speak to our families and discuss your wishes and any details they need to know.
  • Discuss our wishes for our funeral, where to be buried or cremated,, church, music, bible readings we would like
  • Be prepared .
  • Are you ready to meet  with Jesus who gave His life for you?  John 3:16



Here is the talk of a lifetime checklist from

Have the Talk of a Lifetime Checklist








  1. The older I get the less afraid I am of death. It really is part of life. And I think we try to not think about it so much. But it is important to think about those you will leave behind. I think having all of your wishes in order while your young is important because it gives you peace of mind.


    1. Thanks for your thought Wendy. We try not to think about it too but we have each faced it more than once and we have graciously been given time to prepare. That is the reason I wrote that post, to create a check list for us but I thought it might help others. We al think we are going to be here forever but that’s just not how it is. 


  2. I really like your article it approaches a tough subject perfectly. We all need to prepare for what will happen after we pass away. This way we can ensure that the people we love are cared for and don’t have added stress with our passing.


    1. Hi Shay and thank you for your comment. It is a tough subject but one we all need to have a conversation about at some stage. It is all about being considerate for those we care about and easing the burden for them


  3. I think the checklist you provided is very valuable. There are so many things to organise that it can be overwhelming. Thank you for providing these ideas to help us be more prepared and help our family arrange things when we have departed. Thanks Dave


    1. Thanks Dave. Its something we don’t really want to think about because you know what? we all think it is not going to happen to us.
      Then one day like a thief in the night life can be turned off and our families not only suffer from the loss but all the sorting out of unfinished business too.


  4. This is good information. I used to sell life insurance and many people weren’t prepared for the final expense of a burial. It is a gift not to leave that burden to a loved one.


    1. Thank you Melinda. Anything we do to prepare for our inevitable departure is a way of showing consideration for those left behind.
      It is enough that they grieve without having a mountain of issues to sort out.


  5. A very thorough post. It shows how unprepared we are in life. But when you know Yahweh our heavenly father plan and purposes for the human race, we would not be afraid to die. Love your post.


    1. Thank you Shenry-Fran for commenting. You are right, Our Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for all of us but I believe He still expects us to take some responsibility for what he Has entrusted us with. If we are ill prepared it can leave an awful mess for our loved ones.


  6. Hi there. I could not agree with you more. My thoughts and well wishes go out to you and your husband, may God keep you both in his merciful hands. Time and time again I see close friends and family not prepared for the inevitable. You have provided a really good checklist that I hope many will take note of. Unfortunately it takes a life threatening situation for us all to wake up. What do you think is the best way to bring up this sensitive issue about wills and preparation to our families?


    1. Dwyan thank you for commenting on my post. We all tend to think we are invincible and that we will live to be 100, but that is not usually the case.
      I see so many friends who have big plans for their retirement and only one gets to enjoy them. They leave it too late to live fully. The old question working to live or living to work?
      You asked about bringing up the issue of talking about wills with family. We tried to have a family succession planning meeting and it ended up a disaster between two of the siblings. Since then we have left them out of the decision making process and they will just have to accept what we have worked out with our solicitor. I think ideally it is better if you can have that discussion with all members present and a mediator.


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