5 Great Ideas for Your Retirement Project

What to do in Retirement


Have you thought about what to do with all the extra hours you have now that there is no more 9-5 work every day. ?

It s a whole new adventure in life when we make the move from full time employment to having total control over what we do and when we do it.

Retirement can be an exciting time when we can develop new skills and build on the skills we already had. .

I took up painting and drawing and building websites. I am learning a huge amount in each area and feel a great sense of achievement as a 71-year old exploring new activities.

With the artistic stream I took some classes to hone my skills. I found I was not really and artist though I find it relaxing and rewarding to put my feelings down on art paper with pen and paint. The satisfaction of producing a work of art can be very rewarding and calming.

My other interest to fill my retirement years is developing a presence on the web. I have built a number of websites and online shops and I am hopeful of making a good retirement income from these to fund all the holidays I am planning for hubby and I.

My husband is still actively farming but is gearing up for retirement. I can just visualize him working in his shed creating all manner of bits and pieces from wood. He has space and tools and enough skills to be very creative with wood and I think he would achieve a high degree of personal achievement.

5 Great Ideas for Retirement Projects

1 Wood working:                

With this thought in mind I started to look for ideas for projects he could attempt to help him adjust to retirement.

Then I came across an amazing list of plans and ideas that would be easy to follow and the good thing is, it is very, reasonably priced. So for his birthday I have decided that is what I will give him. I am excited about the prospect of him being creative in his older years and I know he will love it. I checked with him over dinner asking ” what hobbies do you think you would like to take on if you wind back the farm?”. By the way he is 74 years old and has already had 3 heart attacks so it is high time to think about retirement.

His response to me was ,”I would love to do something working with wood. It is very therapeutic and I like the feel and texture of wood.” This was confirmation to me that I was on the right track.

I have ordered the plans and paid for them and now I am just looking forward to being able to give them to him. as a Christmas present.

If you think this is something you would like to do then take a look at what I found here.

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2 Photography:

Most of us by the time we reach retirement have a mountain of photographs we have taken over the years.

Most of these would have been taken on the spur of the moment without any attention to detail or photographic quality.
Photography can be a really rewarding pastime and now that you are retired you have the time to perfect your skills and produce some outstanding work which both you and your family will be proud of.

As you hone your skills and start producing some high standard work you can earn money selling them on line. This can provide a really good extra income for you and your partner to enjoy those travel experiences even more. You can use the excuse that you want to go to specific and exotic destinations to capture some amazing photographs to add to your repertoire of work.

You need to get some ideas to get started and learn a few new skills but with application and determination you will succeed. I have found just the right material to help you get started that will enable you to take beautiful,, attention-grabbing pictures by
following some Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!” You can pace yourself and learn a little more each day.

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3 Writing:


Writing for me has been something I really enjoy. If I feel passionate about an issue or feel I need to record my feelings it is so good to sit down at the computer and write down all the thoughts flooding into my head before I lose them.

My daughter has recently gone through a marriage break up and she has turned to writing a blog to help her come to terms with the changes she has to face and the adjustment of living without a partner.

You may have been through a serious illness or have grieved the loss of a loved one and your experience of going through that process may well be the very medicine needed to help someone else.

All of us by the time we retire, have volumes of stories through a lifetime of experience. We can share these through the written word and perhaps they will act as an encouragement to a younger person, or anyone who may be going through a similar journey. Writing a book about your life story will also be a wonderful legacy to leave for your children and grand children. It will also consume many of your idle hours and give you a deep sense of satisfaction when you manage to complete your work.

Do you know you can easily make some money from your writing too.

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4 Mentoring:

There are many young people trying to get started in business and with all your years of experience you are in a good position to help and encourage them. You don’t have to be an expert but you do have to have a desire to help and encourage. You may be the catalyst which enables someone else to become successful in their chosen career because you have been there, you have done that and you know the pitfalls and the way ahead.

You may be the difference between success and failure for a young person or family. You may choose to do this on a voluntary basis but if demand for your service increases then you might consider charging for your time.

Whatever the reward of making a difference in someone else s life will be sufficient compensation for the time you put in.

You will meet new friends, develop a lasting relationship with the young people you work with and feel a great sense of pride as you watch them grow in their respective enterprises.

You still have much to give so give freely if you can.


5 Build an Online Business:

The best place I can recommend starting an online business is through Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university where you can learn all your need to know to build your own online business. It will teach you through a series of graduated lessons how to write your content, how to add images and videos, how to get traffic to your site and how to monetize your site.

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You can operate an online store through WA or a site which relies on promoting other peoples products to earn commissions.

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  1. This article is just perfect and on point. My father does wood work for as long as I remember and now that he is retired he does it everyday all day long. He loves. I for one, love writing, marketing, reading and online business. This article resonates with me. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will make sure to bookmark it. 


    1. Thank you Andrea. Your dad may like the plans of things to make with wood. I think that is an awesome deal at only $67. .

      One of the good things about taking up a creative interest is that you can make something special for each member of the family, which they will cherish long after you have gone. 


  2. These are all great ideas for retirement. My mom retired a couple years ago and it has been fun seeing all the different things that she had gotten herself into since she has stopped working, she has picked up a couple pf new hobbies such as baking and gardening. Its too bad that she doesn’t understand a single thing about electronics or else I would totally introduce her into creating an online business. Thanks for this great article!


    1. Thank you Huy. Courses for horses. You mum will probably get far more enjoyment from the gardening and baking. 

      I enjoy working online because I learn so much in the process.  It is still important to be active so I do a bit of drawing and walking.


  3. Hi, this is a really nice list of ideas! I know some people who hit retirement and then felt lost because they don’t have anything to do with their time. They identified so strongly with their job. Picking up one of these great hobbies, or some other one might give people a way to connect with something new and identify themselves perhaps now as an artist or photographer rather than an accountant or mail carrier. There’s always the great satisfaction of creating something awesome from nothing, as well. Thanks for the great ideas 🙂


    1. Thank you for you comments Lynne.  I plan to continue with some more ideas but I felt that was enough for one post.

      I am enjoying working online in my retirement but I need to take time to be outside and away from the computer too so the drawing  and painting  takes me out. It is a wonderful time of life and we need to make every moment count. 


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