2018 A New Challenge

2018 A New Challenge

It is early 2018, time for a new beginning and a new challenge.

Each year as we get older we are facing a new challenge just by the very fact of our age. The old body starts to creak a little showing natural signs of wear. Aunt Arthritis pays a visit and our movement is restricted. , we sleep less due to aching shoulders or hips.

It is important to keep both our minds and bodes active.

Take a look at the video clip on the wrong side of 50

Here is the Challenge: Choose an activity

1. Take up Cycling

Buy yourself a bike and join thousands of other people who have taken to cycling to keep Aunt Arthritis away.
Medical evidence has proven that keeping physically active will keep at bad many common problems which confront older people.

Parkinson s sufferers have shown tremendous improvement through getting back on the bike and this is just one of many benefits.


Cycling will:

  • improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Develop your muscular strength and flexibility
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Manage and control unwanted body fat
  • Help prevent and/or reduce the effects of many illnesses seen in aging people
  • Maintain a better mental and emotional disposition.

2. Try Water Aerobics:

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Water aerobics provides a great way for seniors to improve their physical well-being without being stressful on the body. You will get all the benefits of cycling plus the added benefit of social interaction and fun in the water with other like-minded people.

3. Join a Walking Group.

In our area you can e off with a different walking group each day of the week. The one I belong too has about 30 women and there are usually about 15 attend the walks. We walk different local trails and for 8 to 10 kilometers. Walking is great exercise and another wonderful way for making social connections.

It also helps to have a  dog if you can and then you have a constant companion and an excuse to go walking.

These are just some of the benefits of walking for your general well being.

  1. increased heart and lung health
  2. reduces the risk of a stroke
  3. Improves blood pressure and cholesterol
  4. lessens the likelihood of getting diabetes.
  5. Obvious and marked improvement to muscle and bone strength
  6. works off body fat
  7. less likely to suffer depression.

4. Join a Social Tennis Club, Bowls or Golf Club

Any exercise and social interaction is good for you and every community has a range of activities you can choose from.

Get on the internet and Google what is available in your area.

This is a link to one local council in Victoria where I live.

Seniors Activities  and even more seniors activities

My suggestion is you use the words seniors activities with your areas name and do a search online. You will be surprised at the number and variety of activities available for you..

So here is my challenge for 2018.

I have listed just a few ideas and I know you can find many more. For 2018 choose at least one and join up and get involved. Before you start take a physical health check and then take another one at the same time next year..Keep a record of your weight, BMI, heart rate and general feeling of well being.

If you have a mobile phone try using the health app to keep track of your progress. I use Samsung Health but you might have a different app on your phone. They are great value as they can accurately measure how much exercise you do each day and you can monitor your heart rate, oxygen level and stress level.

Share your results with your online friends.

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