What to do in Retirement   Have you thought about what to do with all the extra hours you have now that there is no more 9-5 work every day. ? It s a whole new adventure in life when we make the move from full time employment to having total control over what we […]

Facts About Heart Disease: I am not writing here as a doctor but as someone who has had a strong family history of heart disease and I am married to a man who has just had his third heart attack. My father died at age 53 after his third attack, my mother had her first […]

Are You Ready?

We are Born, We Live, Then We Die! This is the reality of life. and yet most of us reach that end point of our lives totally unprepared. This post is a brief journey through life to that end point where we need to prepare to meet our Maker. My hubby had his third heart […]

How Old Folks Can Make Money Easily

​The following article was sent to me and I am sharing it here because I thought it was very clever.  I hope you like it. It is not my words and I do not know the origin of the story. An old geezer became bored in retirement and decided to open a medical clinic.  He put […]

The Battle Ground

Confronting the Battle: Prayers for Strength All through our lives we will face various challenges and battles. There may be sickness causing us to be feeling right out of sorts, maybe requiring a stint in hospital. There may be financial problems, when there is barely enough money to pay the bills let alone put food […]

Get Up and Get Going

Get up, Get Out of Bed and Get Going. Its so nice to lie in bed on a cold morning . Do you sometimes wake up at your regular time, get up go to the loo then crawl back into bed for a little more cosy time under the covers? I am guilty …… well […]

2018 A New Challenge It is early 2018, time for a new beginning and a new challenge. Each year as we get older we are facing a new challenge just by the very fact of our age. The old body starts to creak a little showing natural signs of wear. Aunt Arthritis pays a visit […]

Make a Difference!

Make a Difference: A Mothers Influence Today I am going to share a little bit about a remarkable man known as  Zig Ziglar. Yesterday  I read Zig Ziglars life story.  It began in Alabama to a large family. Zig was born a healthy baby boy but after just 10 days the doctor handed him to […]