Learn to Live Now

Are you a Procrastinator? I see so many older people who leave it till its too late to begin to live. They work their butts off over a lifetime, then when they get round to retiring they are too tired or frail to do anymore with their lives than just exist from one day to […]

Laughter is important for our well being. It will help us to maintain a good balanced outlook on life and not become overwhelmed by the challenges we might face. It will reduce our stress levels. It eases pain. It lifts our mood and relieves depression. It can be a good work out It stimulates the […]

What is the  Attitude of Gratitude?

What is Attitude of Gratitude? Being on the right side of the grass and appreciating it. Start today with an attitude of gratitude and just to help I have included this song which I know you will love. Share it with your friends who are over 50. I hope you enjoyed that, but remember we […]

Tax On Your Retirement Income Funds

Your Retirement Income Funds. You have worked for 50 years and now you have decided its time to retire. All those years you have been contributing to a super fund and now you can finally realize on it and do all the things you had planned. Superannuation, or super, is money you put aside during […]

Wait! Read My Review of Wealthy Affiliate Nov. 2017

Wealthy Affiliate review, the truth revealed So you have decided it may be a good idea to give affiliate marketing a go in your retirement. You need to be fully aware of what affiliate marketing is and which is the best one to run with. I am going to give you an open and honest […]

Hello, My Name is Judy

Welcome to my site Aging and Thriving. I hope you will find lots of helpful information here and that you also enjoy the content. My STORY I was a teacher, then after retirement took on managing a lodge for tourists visiting our beautiful area. Last year the Lodge burnt down and I lost 5 years […]

Never Too Old to Do Something New

What is it to be old? When we are very young we think people around 20 years of age are old, but then as we grow our thinking changes so that anyone who is 20 years older than us is considered old.Take a look at the following experiment and then decide, what is old.   […]