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We have retired but it does not mean being thrown on the scrap heap. While our brains and bodies still work it is imperative that we encourage them by taking on new challenges. We can do things we have not done before because at this stage of life we can choose how we manage and fill every hour of our day.

We will need to look after every aspect of our being and so on this site we will look at the Financial, Physical  and Spiritual needs we each will have during this stage of our lives.

We need to have sufficient retirement income funds to be able to live a full and abundant life so one of the first things we will look at is just that: the state of our retirement income and what we can do to improve it.

We no longer need to work 5 or 6 days a week  so we can start planning to do some of the things we have always only dreamt about.

Make a bucket list:

I know making a bucket list might sound like you are getting ready for the inevitable end  but the  more things you can add to that list that you would like to do, the more motivation you will have to hang around and do them. As you tick off each item try and add one more so that the list like you will never end.

On the top of your list should be to have fun, then make a sub list of ways you can have fun.The next item could be to improve fitness so we can make a sub heading  of ways to improve our fitness. and so on. Financial goals might be another category . We need financial security to be able to do all those things on our lists so we will look at ways to achieve that too.

Each page on this site will be dedicated to a heading and then sub headings for our bucket lists. Yours will be different than mine  but we can share ideas and be inspired by each other.

Many of the things we want to do will cost some money , maybe a little more than we have budgeted for our retirement. But don’t worry , we will look at ways you can earn some extra money from home so you do not have to dig too far into your savings.

So Who Am I?

Now let me tell you a little about myself. 

I am married to a wonderful man who is now 73  and he enjoys running two farms. I help him with some chores and the book work.  We have 3 grown children, 6 grand sons and 1 grand daughter and a one year old great grand son. They all live nearby so we get to see them regularly.

I am a retired teacher and after teaching I bought a lodge and ran an accommodation business which I absolutely loved. That burnt down and so I had to re invent myself at 69 years of age.  In searching on line I found there were thousands of scammers who prey on people like me wanting to make a little extra income. I tried a few and became horribly disillusioned and distrustful.

But then by chance I came across Wealthy Affiliate which is what I am doing now.  Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have built 6 websites and 3 shops. My business is really just beginning to move but the learning within WA has been phenomenal. It is also very reasonably priced and has an extremely supportive community who are always willing to help whenever I need it.


Are you ready to begin this new stage of opportunity and strength?

We will begin by making a bucket list of all the things we would like to do.

We will put them under 4 main headings:


  • Financial …….    Ways of being financially secure in our retirement
  • Physical…………  Maintaining our fitness and good health
  • Intellectual………. Exercising and challenging our brains
  • Spiritual……………..Being complete and having real purpose.

I hope you will find something useful for you personally in this site and that you will share what you find with others.

I also hope that you will be an active contributor to the site by leaving comments and feedback.

We will together stretch our minds our fitness and our spiritual being and we will  grow our finances to equip us in achieving those aims.

Thank you for visiting aging and thriving.

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What lessons are you going to learn today?

You are not too old to learn new things. You have the priviledge of time now that you may not have had while you were raising your family and working full time. Keep your mind and body fully engaged.

Join Wealthy Affiliate today and begin a new and exciting journey with a large community of like minded people.


Please leave your comments and feed back below. I would just love to hear from you and I will try to get back ASAP. Take care and God Bless.




  1. As the golden years approaches we ought to be just as happy and excited about the new stages and opportunity that can come our way. It is not about sitting down and throwing in the towel but really living and loving life to the fullest. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope that it would be and encouragement to those who come to your website.


    1. Thankyou Norman, I really appreciate your thoughts.


  2. Hi Judy,
    I enjoyed reading your inspirational post. As a fellow retiree, I also wholeheartedly concur. Building an online business in retirement has helped to fulfill several goals on my bucket list. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, I’ve enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of learning new things and the advantages of connecting with a broader community. Thanks for the great message!


    1. Thank You Linda, Do you know what I like about it is that I do not have to be dressed up, it does not matter if I sleep in and I don’t have to get in the car and drive in traffic.  I can work at my own pace when and if I it suits me, fitting work around family and friends and other things I want to do.  There are many advantages of being your own boss, I think that as we age keeping our brains active is important too. 


  3. Hi Judy,

    I am here in the first place to apologise: I have just discovered that you have posted a comment on my website a while ago, but I didn’t see it as it was filtered and placed in my spam folder. I do have a look from time to time, but not that often and will make a point of looking into it more regularly.

    So, if I can take it that you are forgiving me, great, because I really love your website, it is not often that I came across a website that relates to mine and I would be pleased to have a link back to it as you offered. You are welcome to pick the page or article you want to point to on my website: https://easytoretire.com and of course, I will return the favor. Let me know to which article.

    I look forward hearing from you soon.

    John ツ


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